Change machine (CM CW)

Reliable coin exchange machine recessed, made entirely of stainless steel, can sell and recharge contactless cards (RFID). The card to be selled are not pre encoded but codified at issuing time. This change machine, like all our devices, allows you to have different rates depending on the type of card. (Standard card, card dealers, etc etc …) and all functions of the system Card Wash.

ACM14 (ACM14)

Exclusive device, ideal for washing installation (conveyor,gantries) not self-service. Endowed with a modern and charming design and with a wide touch screen monitor (15”). Payments management with cash and contactless cards (RFID). Management of cars in queue. Different washing programs and services management. Price lists personalized according to types of customers. Equipped with thermal printer for receipts and service reports print.

Midismart and Minismart (MDS / MNS)

The Midi Smart electronic card, entirely developed by our company, operates self-service lanes and multi-program services. Use the MIFARE technology platform. Manage Payments in cash or by contactless cards (RFID). Designed to interface across all devices where you need the payment and delivery of services in self-service mode. Subjected to treatment tropicalization to allow safe use even in critical situations. The Mini Smart Card, younger sister of the Midi, also uses the MIFARE technology platform and the same configurations. Equipped with alphanumeric display, it manages the individual services in self-service such as vacuum cleaners, etc ..

Starter touch (SL-CW TOUCH)

Innovative starter for self-service gantries, endowed with a wide touch screen monitor (12”) vandal-proof and waterproof, and with vocal support that simplifies its employment. Management up to 10 washing programs. Payment possibilità by cash, by contactless cards (RFID) and by credit cards. Possibility to give change by coins and banknotes. Management of cars in queue. Possibility to start several machineries by a unique starter. Drive-In option: to start the washing without getting out of the car.


Cardwash Revolution

CardWash Revolution è un software innovativo operante in cloud che permette di gestire in modo completo ed efficace operazioni di pagamento, marketing, controllo e sicurezza in tutte le attività di autolavaggio, fidelizzando il cliente finale attraverso numerosi vantaggi e caratteristiche che lo rendono estremamente comodo sia per l'utente che per il lavaggista.
CardWash Revolution permette di valorizzare ed ottimizzare i processi produttivi dell'attività, incrementando notevolmente gli incassi e la soddisfazione dei clienti finali.

Smartcash and Cardwash

Il sistema Card Wash è composto da 2 software per 2 diversi livelli di gestione dell’autolavaggio. Smart Cash, permette la raccolta in locale dei dati da ogni punto dell’autolavaggio: dalla pista self-service all’aspirapolvere fino agli starter. Il sistema elabora tutti i dati ricevuti che potranno essere consultati in locale oppure inviati al web service Card Wash.
Con Card Wash è possibile avere completamente sotto controllo l’autolavaggio ed effettuare vere e proprie campagne di marketing, ecco solo alcune delle funzioni disponibili: – Anagrafica clienti e associazione card – Tracciabilità delle singole operazioni – Incassi in tempo reale – Controllo sul funzionamento dell’impianto. Tutte le operazioni sono gestibili in piena autonomia e con pochi clik da qualsiasi dispositivo connesso ad internet.

Parking management


Explanatory video of PK USB device operation. Ideal product for the management of parking lots and garages.


Explanatory video of PARK 56 device operation. Ideal product for the management of parking lots and garages.

PK 290

Explanatory video of PK 290 device operation. Ideal product for the management of parking lots and garages.